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My tears never pretend…!


I don’t know why I love you
I don’t even care if you don’t know me
It may be even Insane to love whom I never met
But, what I care is how  deeply I love you !!

When I hear your name, my ears don’t bother about anything else…
When I see your Image,  I somehow understand the meaning of beauty…
When I think of you,  I lose the sense of world around me…
When I was allowed to recite your name, that’s what I ever cared…!!

My words may not be perfect to describe how much I love you,
Even my actions may not make any sense to show my love
But, one thing is for sure… tears never pretend !!

Shivaya Namaha…Namaha Shivaya…..!!

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  1. True, your tears never pretend!

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