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‘Now’, lasting an eternity..


Life just unfolding…
Keeping me in the dark of ego !

Destiny holding history of the future…
keeping me still in the fallacy, it’s all in my plans !

‘Now’ seems so long, lasting an eternity…
keeping me in the wonder of all surprise !

Good, Bad, Ugly just happening as if all are but different…
Keeping me challenge myself !

Pain & Bliss, both seems sides of the same coin…
Taking me to the depths of being. Not sure, which one likes me the most !

Give me the mirror of wisdom…
To see, to break, to love, to destroy myself !

Let the life begin where the ‘I’ in ‘Me’ ends….
Sprouting the ‘self’ from the bottom of ‘heart’ !!

2 Responses to “‘Now’, lasting an eternity..”

  1. Chandni says:

    Eternity word itself says its unending, same your each line says your thought and skill is unending. Nice lines 🙂

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