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Abyss of Nowhere !


What a struggle It had been…to choose which shirt to wear to which dream to spin !
It’s a struggle moment to moment, every moment! struggle to choose the best !
Even chose the thoughts which whisper they are the best !! Who decides what’s best ?

I am glad to the life, for dropping me into the abyss of nowhere !
Even more glad that there was no option left, to choose again !!

How easy life became ! how incredible every moment is indeed!!
Bathing in the ocean of freedom, spreading each corner of the moment !!
Freedom from choosing ! Freedom from even choosing freedom !!

2 Responses to “Abyss of Nowhere !”

  1. Shunyata concept of buddha put in simple words?

    • Mohan Bhupathiraju says:

      Hi Sathish, yes…we can fit it into Shunyata or advaita concept…but taking it to the heart is quite interesting & Challenging 🙂

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