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Autumn’s snow with chilling breeze….

autumn-leaves-meet-winter-snowWhen I realized that I have nothing to lose, even the so called ‘my’ self, I saw the ‘courage’ eye to eye.. the very first time !!

When I understood that, things just happen in spite of my effort…. I relaxed for real, without an iota of doubt in an eternity !

I became child again, curious over every petty thing… I am being born again and again in  the ‘now’ forever…!

The eternal play is going on with great script without an end in foresight….and everywhere I see myself  ‘in the play’ & ‘outside of it’.
The ‘smile’ stuck on my face, as autumn’s snow blankets everything with chilling breeze…the rock, the mud, the sand, the cliff and canyon.  And… it doesn’t want to leave me ever… and I am afraid, it makes me appear insane for the so called “sane” world !!

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